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10.4 - Patent Application


Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple's patent application for the new MacBook with USB-C and Force Touch. The application is extremely detailed and is accompanied by 45 patent Figures covering every aspect of the MacBook. Apple's patent filing details such things as defining case colors; a chemical bath of potassium nitrate designed to strengthen its unibody; and a chemical etching and blasting to provide the MacBook with an extra smooth finish. Apple also notes that parts of the new MacBook uses carbon fiber and fiberglass while detailing the nuts and bolts behind their new keyboard. For those who love industrial design and manufacturing processes, Apple's patent filing will be an enjoyable read.




Apple's patent FIG. 19 shows a top view of an exterior cosmetic surface of a top case and how an array of speaker holes can extend across a substantial portion of the top case; Apple's patent FIG. 31 illustrates an isometric view of an interior portion of an electronic device with a touch pad showing the touch pad having force sensors and an actuator for providing feedback.


Apple's patent applications 20150338883 and 20150338887 were originally filed in Q1 2015.


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