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Back in 2014 Patently Mobile covered Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 in context with the use of their digital pen for art, specifically art by Phil Galloway. While the artwork was very nice, it wasn't the kind of artwork that demanded fine details. Flash forward to the present and CNN's review of the iPad Pro included finite detailed artwork created by Nikolai Lockertsen using the new Apple Pencil. As you can see in our cover graphic it's quite stunning.




Watch how our Cover Graphic was created by Lockertsen




The iPad Pro went on sale online yesterday. Unfortunately the new Apple Pencil and Keyboard options won't be available until around Christmas notes Mashable. Some flagship Apple Stores may have the accessories available for testing, like the New York Stores, but it's not a sure thing for most cities with standard Apple Stores. How many will buy the iPad Pro without testing the accessories first is obviously going to be a mystery. But if you're a budding artist, the great work seen above by Lockertsen should be encouraging.


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