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Yesterday we posted a report titled "The Telegraph Interviews Apple's CEO on the iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple Watch and the Hot Button Issue of Encryption." In that report Cook stated that "Any backdoor is a backdoor for everyone. Everybody wants to crack down on terrorists. Everybody wants to be secure. The question is how. Opening a backdoor can have very dire consequences."


Reuters is adding today that Apple's CEO said earlier today in Dublin that "Apple is opposed to a new British law it says would require it to provide authorities with access to encrypted data as it would create vulnerabilities hackers could exploit."


Cook added that "If you leave a back door in the software, there is no such thing as a back door for good guys only," Cook said. "If there is a back door, anyone can come in the back door."


Yet to clarify, the UK's bill doesn't talk about a "back door" as Apple is eluding. The Director of Britain's eavesdropping agency GCHQ said on Tuesday that they never said they wanted a back door. "All the government is saying is information needed for national security and serious crime purposes should not be beyond the lawful, warranted reach of the state when the need arises."


Maybe it's me but that sounds like circular logic because if the information is encrypted, then Apple can't provide it under iOS 9. To be able to provide information that is encrypted would require a back door. So it's a word game.


While Cook didn't specifically say whether they would cooperate with the British government, he did say that "The bill itself, it's not so clear from the reading of it. It's a little vague."


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