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It's being reported today that while Apple's CEO was at Dublin's Trinity College, he expressed out of character sharp words against Microsoft's latest product. "Despite saying that Apple's relationship with Microsoft as 'really good,' he described the software giant's new Surface Book laptop as 'deluded.' It's a product that tries too hard to do too much. It's trying to be a tablet and a notebook and it really succeeds at being neither. It's sort of deluded." It appears that Apple wasn't expecting Microsoft to begin selling a notebook that could double as a tablet and a harsh reaction to a competing product is quite odd for Apple's mild mannered Tim Cook. Apple's Phil Schiller once mocked the phablet and clearly Apple backtracked on that. While I'm in the minority in the Apple community, I think that over time Microsoft's Surface Book is on the right track and will do well.




Note - Update Nov. 12 3am MST: According to Business Insider and after the original Irish report was up for hours, "Apple later walked back the quote, telling Weckler that Cook meant to say 'diluted.'"  At present, the Irish report that we link to in our report stands by 'deluded' and has not updated their report in any way as of this hour.


Update, 3:20 PM MST: The Irish report now shows one instance of the word 'diluted' being stated followed by another sentence where he used 'deluded.' In my view, Cook was clearly saying the Surface Book was complicated. In the past Cook talked about a notebook-tablet hybrid as like mixing a toaster with a refrigerator. So the context was clearly lending to 'mocking' the Surface Book and 'deluded' fits that context. Let's be honest here. 


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