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The Apple Store's Biggest Fan & Blogger has died at 67


The Washington Post writes today that Apple's biggest Apple Store fan and blogger Gary Allen has died at 67 from brain cancer. Allen didn't care so much about Apple's new products (though he bought many of them.) He cared about the stores, the sleek and often innovative ways Apple presented itself to the world — the winding staircases, the floor-to-ceiling glass, the exposed brick. Allen, a retired EMS dispatcher, traveled around the world — obsessively and expensively — to be among the first in line at the company's new stores. He attended more than 140 openings, collecting all sorts of trivia. He could even tell you where Apple store tables were made.


I enjoyed reading Allen's news about new Apple Store openings at and he'll be missed. Allen's Twitter site is still up with his last entry made on April 1.


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