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We know that Apple eats up 90% of the industry's smartphone profits while Samsung struts around happy to be selling more near profitless smartphones than any other OEM on the planet. Yet after those two brands, it gets muddled as to who is third or fourth or fifth. You never see TV ads for the other brands. Yet Huawei is solidly in third spot and now wants to ramp up their premium phones to take on both Apple and Samsung. Yet with Apple revealing their highest Android conversion rate of 30% this past quarter during their financial conference call yesterday, Huawei's upcoming market attack will really be focused on gunning down Samsung. Today it's being reported that Huawei has hired Apple's former creative director Abigail Brody to shake things up in the Android world


CNBC reports today that "Ambitious Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has snared former Apple creative director Abigail Brody as its chief user experience (UX) designer.


Brody's LinkedIn profile says she was creative director and hiring manager at Apple for almost 10 years to January 2011, working on the design of the first iPhone as well as the iCloud.


The appointment was reported by a number of Chinese tech sites before Huawei released a statement in Mandarin on social media platform Weibo, saying Brody would take up the role in its device and consumer division, where she would oversee the interface design on Huawei products.


The company recently pointed to the success of its high-end handsets, which are key to escaping its image as cheap manufacturer, in order to take on premium competitors like Apple and Samsung.




Of course Huawei knows class when they see it and so trying to create a new operating system experience by hiring away a piece of the Apple magic only makes sense. In the end, it's just more bad news for Samsung and so today, I'm cheering on Abigail Brody.


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