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U2 has a new music video and it's being presented by Apple Music. So what's the big deal about that? Well, U2's tune called "Song for Someone" has been transformed into a virtual reality canvas of sorts that presents a crazy visual experience. It was created by Chris Milk and his VR Company called Vrse. You could download the app from the App Store here.

  2AF 55 U2  VRSE


Once you download the app, you'll see the new U2 song you want to play. You'll have the choice to download the video or stream it as noted in the graphic above. I chose to stream it. 


When the video began to play I heard Bono but I couldn't see him. I only had a black screen (maybe it was just me with this experience) so I started moving the screen around. The more I moved it I found myself finding a new angle of the camera and then saw Bono. I began to move in a 360 degree circle and sure enough new band members were in the 360 degree circle.  


3AF U2 55 360 VRSE


As the tune progressed I was able to hear someone else singing and so I turned in a tight circle and lo and behold I was able to see non-band members playing the U2 Tune from across the globe over the course of the tune.


Where this technology is going in the future is unknown at this time but the Wired article points to Apple already working on a new project involving a "post-apocalyptic action film" in VR for the band Muse.


Apple's partnership with Vrse for the U2 experience had actually been in the works prior to the Apple Music launch. With new experiences like this, Apple is trying to innovate and excite music lovers to try a new music experience through their new music streaming service. You could read more about this in Wired's new article here.



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