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It's being reported today that Apple has sealed a deal for a new curvaceous, 777,000-square-foot project in Sunnyvale California that's expected to look like nothing else ever attempted in Silicon Valley. Its marketing web address is, and for good reason.


Silicon Valley Business Journal further reports that "The transaction is another sign — as if you need any more — of Apple's tremendous expansion, potentially providing enough room for more than 3,000 workers. The deal comes as Apple has made a huge land-grab in recent months in parts of Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and, more recently, north San Jose, where it has spent $300 million to assemble nearly 70 acres. The expansion dovetails with the growth of Apple's product pipeline, with the next big category rumored to be the electric automobile."


The Curvaceous Project Design Concepts


These next generation campus buildings are dreamy. They're one-of-a-kind concepts are an inspirational for Apple's inspiring engineers. All of the designs below can be enlarged by clicking on them.




4AF 55





In February we posted a report titled "Google's Dreamy New Campus Seen in Gigantic Drawings" which presented 8 jumbo graphics. Just three months later we did a follow-up report titled "Google Suffers a Significant Blow as Mountain View City Council Votes to kill their Dreamy Headquarter Proposal." So it now looks like Apple is on their way to scoring another win for developing next-gen campuses. The score, if you're keeping score that is, is Apple 2, Google 0. To make it clearer, that's"

Google Zero


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