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Today two leaks showed us that the Microsoft Band 2 will be a much friendlier wearable device and that it'll debut on October 6. We also learned today that Microsoft has invented next-gen skin-sensors for future wearables in a patent application that came to light via the U.S. Patent Office.


Microsoft notes in one of their new patent filings that "People are increasingly exposed to information often through mobile devices such as smartphones. "A snapshot of our modern society is likely to reveal many people using mobile devices while performing their daily routine tasks. For instance, people often text, conduct telephone calls, check messages, search the Internet, etc. while performing activities such as walking down the street, driving in their cars, eating in a restaurant, attending meetings, etc. Using mobile devices in such a manner may raise any of a variety of concerns, namely safety and/or etiquette."


Microsoft further noted that other devices such as Google Glass may have a negative in that they may be used to invade the privacy of others. With that in mind, Microsoft invented a wearable computer for clothing that provides a skin-stimulating interface to the user.


More specifically we learn that the invention may be capable of conveying information to a user without the user needing to see, hear, or detect motion (e.g., vibration). The example techniques may convey the information to the user without other people being able to detect that the information is being conveyed to the user. For instance, the example techniques may enable the user to "read" (i.e., receive content of) a text message or an email privately in a setting in which reading a text message or an email is traditionally deemed inappropriate.


There are a few other applications for this new skin-sensor and you could learn more about them in our Patently Mobile report here


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