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While Apple's CEO attended the BoxWorks Fireside event today as scheduled, Box Inc. announced a new mobile application for Apple's iPhone and iPad called Box Capture. The business-oriented photo/video app comes as Box seeks to become more ingrained in ways employees work outside of offices.




At a Box conference Tuesday in San Francisco, company officials said the app is aimed at remote workers in industries such as construction or retailing. Box Capture is a new iOS application that connects your phone's camera to business processes, ensuring that critical information from the field gets to all the right people in the organization.


As work is increasingly being done on mobile, field workers who rarely (if ever) sit at a desk, safety inspectors, emergency responders, construction workers or retail employees, are capturing business information on their personal devices. Thanks to mobile, all of these field workers are now knowledge workers, and to do their jobs, they'll need purpose-built mobile apps that reimagine how work gets done. And many of these apps will have content at their heart.

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Improve information capture — Paper forms have limitations. Photos, video, and document capture capabilities with Box Capture enable field workers to collect accurate and thorough information. Plus the ability to add comments and automatically upload to a designated folder raises the bar for field data collection.


In retail audits, store managers can easily scan documents to submit status of inventory and in-store displays. Take notes on the form to evaluate store maintenance, signage, displays, and shelf space, enabling detailed, instant two-way communication between stores and headquarters.


Enable secure collaboration — By default, photos and videos shared with Box Capture are never stored to a field worker's personal camera roll, ensuring that your business's information is always secure. Box Capture facilitates media-rich communication between the field and teams located anywhere, in real-time and allows you to tag a specific teammate so they know the information is for them.


With Box Capture, medical professionals can use Box Capture to share patient images, videos and documents to another healthcare provider in a HIPAA-compliant setting.


Streamline processes — Mobile and field workers can take pictures and videos on their iPhone or iPad, and they'll automatically sync on Box so teams can access them instantly. Box Capture can even be used offline and will automatically sync when the device regains cellular or wireless service.


In the construction industry, safety of workers is of utmost importance. It's critical that construction sites always meet safety regulations, and with Box Capture, both workers and safety inspectors can quickly report safety hazards to the right people to take action.


You could get Box Capture on iTunes today.


C/Net reporting on the BoxWorks Fire Chat with Apple's CEO stated that "Tim Cook noted that Apple generated about $25 billion in revenue from its enterprise operations in the 12 months ended in June. By comparison, Microsoft generated $93.6 billion in total revenue in the year ended in June, while Apple pulled in $224.3 billion during the same period.


Cook also stated that Apple couldn't have figured out how to deal with businesses if it hadn't formed partnerships with companies such as IBM, Cisco and Microsoft. "This is not a hobby," Cook said earlier today.


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