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Every new feature of the Apple iPhone is carefully chosen by Apple's executives. And the Rose Gold was no random choice. While Apple is hoping that their new iPhone 6s available in the new rose gold color will resonate with Apple fans around the world, it was especially created for the Chinese consumer in mind, according to Apple's CEO Tim Cook.


In his first interview after the unveiling of his company's latest phone on Sept. 9, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the rose gold color was tailored for Apple's Chinese fans, an indication of the importance Apple is now placing on the Chinese market.


In the interview published by Tencent's tech news web portal on Sept. 10, Cook said that the color was designed with the Chinese market in mind and that a great deal of effort had been made to come up with it.


He said that when the iPhone first came out in gold, it unexpectedly drew an enthusiastic response from Chinese fans and Apple is hoping that the rose gold color will create another sales peak, according to the report.


When the rose gold color of the iPhone 6s was unveiled on Sept. 9, many Chinese women were immediately drawn to it, saying that it appealed to them aesthetically, the report said.


In reference to Apple's new 12.9-inch screen iPad Pro, Cook said that China has large magazines that can be read more easily on the new iPad.


Though the rose gold color is seen as an attempt to appeal to the Chinese market, some believe that Apple was already targeting Chinese smartphone preferences when it unveiled its first big-screen iPhone 6 last year.


Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs insisted on a phone that "you can hold in one hand," which left the company's iPhone smaller than many of the Android models it was competing against.


Holding on to Jobs' philosophy didn't help sales at all in China. According to Apple figures, sales in Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) fell in the second and third quarters of 2014, but surged sharply in the fourth quarter after the larger iPhone 6 model was introduced.


Analysts said the traits of the new products launched over the past 12 months and Cook's interview with Chinese media showed Apple's increasing emphasis on China's market.


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