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On August 14 we posted a report titled "While the Court Rejects Samsung's Appeal in Apple Case, Expect this to go to the Supreme Court," and posted a follow-up report on August 19 titled "No Surprise: Samsung Seeks to bring Apple iPhone Design Case to Supreme Court." Apparently Apple is losing patience with Samsung humiliating them by refusing to pay for infringing their patents. Today it's being reported that Apple is asking a district court to order Samsung to pay over $548 million in damages, in a long-drawn patent dispute between the two companies that dates back to 2011.


For Apple, the $548 million in damages is just a part of what was originally awarded by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The court awarded Apple damages of $930 million after a jury found that Samsung infringed Apple's design and utility patents and diluted its trade dresses, which relate to the overall look and packaging of a product.


This week Apple requested the court to order Samsung to make the payment after an appeals court denied Samsung a review of the damages and also refused to stay its mandate to the district court to go ahead with a final judgment on the damages.


But Samsung fired back this week by asking the court to declare invalid the claim of an Apple patent also known as the pinch-to-zoom patent, which figured in the lawsuit, or to stay proceedings.


MacWorld finally noted that "District Court Judge Lucy H. Koh has on Thursday ordered a stay on more filings by either side, without the court's permission, as the court has not yet received the mandate from the Federal Circuit."


It's great to see that Apple is finally showing that they're fed up with Samsung's court tactics. However, Apple has the power today to end their business relationship with Samsung by suspending all component orders until they receive payment for infringing their patents in full. This is a long standing Joke that has to end because it's Apple that's beginning to look weak and stupid. They have the power to hurt Samsung and they should. Apple, take off the gloves!


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