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With Apple Watch already the leading Smartwatch in just a single quarter after its debut, Samsung and others are and will be scrambling to reinvent their smartwatches to be more appealing to consumers. In 2014 Patently Mobile was first to discover that Samsung's next generation smartwatch would likely take on a round interface, replacing its current oblong interface design. In May it was all but confirmed that the new design would in fact become a reality later this year. Beyond changing the interface to an oblong shape to one that is round, the new design presents a new way to turn the bezel to control the action on the display for scrolling and beyond.


Earlier this month Samsung revealed another future idea in a patent application for their Gear smartwatch. The latest idea is to use a built-in camera in the watch interface that could determine where the user's face is and change the interface positioning so that the user could see the time from more natural wrist positioning.


The interface could also pivot out of its frame if need be so that the time is always viewable in various angles. For instance, while driving, the watch could automatically change it's positioning to face the driver so as to keep the drivers smartwatch wearing hand on the steering wheel.


Although the vast majority of the invention illustrates Samsung's traditional oblong smartwatch design it could also apply to a round interface. On one hand, the idea is fascinating while on the other, it's absolutely absurd. Yet for now, fascinating slightly wins out.



The one crazy example in the patent filing that had me laughing was this: Samsung's patent filing notes that "In another example, instead of a gesture, the user may enable the display to be automatically moved by a voice command, such as screaming out "Display!" so that the display of the smart watch may be brought within the line of sight of the user."


Okay, that example is just plain stupid – ha! – screaming out to your watch display – Really? And that wouldn't be distracting to the driver? For more on this invention, see Patently Mobile's full report.


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