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In 2013 we posted a patent report titled "Stunning Future iPhone with Wraparound Display Revealed." The invention covered a possible future design for an iPhone that would include a wraparound design as noted in our cover graphic. One of the materials to create this design was noted as being optically transparent glass. The design would eliminate all physical buttons and be replaced by a "second interface" for audio and other controls. If you're interested in this invention then review our in-depth report noted above. In this report we present you with some of the tweaks that Apple has made to their patent claims that were not present in their first application.


New Patent Claims for Apple's Wraparound iPhone Invention


When comparing Apple's latest patent claims to those from their original patent application we were able to find several key new patent claims as noted below: 


Patent Claim #1: An electronic device, comprising: a housing comprising a transparent housing component having a curved interior surface; a flexible display assembly coupled to the curved interior surface of the transparent housing component, the flexible display assembly being arranged to present visual content through the transparent housing component; and a processor configured to direct the flexible display assembly to present a first user interface through a first portion of the transparent housing component and a second user interface through a second portion of the transparent housing component that is oriented in a different direction than the first portion.


Patent Claim #2: The electronic device as recited in claim 1, wherein the first user interface comprising a plurality of application icons.


Patent Claim #3: The electronic device as recited in claim 1, wherein the second user interface comprises a slider control.


Patent Claim #4: The electronic device as recited in claim 1, wherein the transparent housing component is rigid and prevents deformation of the flexible display assembly during use of the electronic device.


Patent Claim #7: The electronic device as recited in claim 1, wherein the first and second user interfaces are touch-sensitive user interfaces.


Apple's continuation patent 20150212784 was filed just three months ago (April) and published today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It's always great to see Apple tweaking an invention that has future potential.


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