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A Company by the name of Saxon Glass Technologies is suing Apple for trademark infringement. At present the court has yet to publish the formal complaint from Saxon. All we have are the basics of the case as noted in a summary noted below. With the complaint absent I checked out Saxon's website looking for something that would shed some light on this case.


Sure enough, Saxon Glass has a product by the name "Ionex." Does that "sound" familiar? Well it should. Apple promotes "Ion-X" glass associated with their new Apple Watch.


At present we have no record of Apple's U.S. trademark filing for "Ion-X." Nor have we found any such filing in Europe or Hong Kong. If there is such a filing, then it likely resides in Jamaica or Trinidad where such filings aren't made public.




The Official Apple Watch Description: "Ion-X glass is the same material used in the windows of space shuttles and high-speed trains. This glass is thin and light, yet surprisingly strong — five times stronger than regular glass. Which made it the perfect choice for Apple Watch Sport. There are many ways to strengthen glass at the surface, but Ion-X glass is hardened down to its molecules. During the manufacturing process, the glass is dipped in a 750-degree molten potassium salt bath. That's when ion exchange takes place, with the smaller sodium ions being removed from the glass and replaced by larger potassium ions. As the glass cools, these larger ions create an extremely hard surface layer that is resistant to scratches and impact."


Ionex Official Description: "Suitable for most type-I borosilicate glasses, typically used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic container applications. These glasses have thermal expansion coefficients of ~50x10-7/°C. Treatments increase usable strength by 50% to 700% over untreated glass.


Will Saxon Glass Technologies Inc. be able to make their trademark infringement case stick that Apple's Ion-X sounds too close to their Ionex glass? Only time will tell.


The case was filed in the New York Western District Court, Buffalo Office in Albany June 29, 2015. Below is the Registered Trademark Certificate for "Ionex."




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