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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 52 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a tool designed to create the chamfered edges found on the iPhone 5S and the apertures found in all iPhones. Apple's second patent covers hearing aid detection technology using magnetics. This covers more of Apple's work for the disabled. Last week we reported that Apple was one of Five Honorees at the Helen Keller Achievement Awards Event held in New York. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.


Granted Patent: Diamond Cutting Tool for Cutting Smooth Reflective Surfaces


Apple's newly granted patent covers their invention related to cutting and to surface finishing. More specifically, Apple's invention covers methods and a diamond cutting tools that creates chamfered edges and cutting a highly reflective and smooth surface on a finished product like the iPhone 5S as noted below.


Apple's patent FIG. 3 illustrates two perspective side views of a diamond cutting tool. The cutting tool #300 includes shank #302 and diamond cutter #304. The diamond cutter is mechanically coupled to shank #302 using, for example, a brazing procedure. The brazing procedure typically uses an alloy filler metal, such as silver containing filler alloy. As shown, the diamond cutter is positioned on the end of cutting tool such that the cutting edge #306, the land #308 and optionally the heel #310 can contact the workpiece during cutting.


The shank is preferably made from a rigid material, such as carbide, to rigidly maintain the position of the cutting tool during cutting, thereby allowing a smoother finished cut to be made. The shape of the shank can vary to maximize rigidity during the cutting procedure.


The length of shank 302 can in part determine the cutting radius during cutting of a workpiece. Shank 302 can be configured to be mechanically coupled to a tool holder (not shown) which is attached to a spindle of a milling machine (not shown), which spins the cutting tool at high speeds. In certain embodiments, the cutting tool is positioned in a tool holder (not shown) such that the cutting radius is relatively large. By using a relatively large cutting radius, cuts made by the cutting tool can have relatively less scalloped portions.


2af diamond cutting tool

Apple notes that in certain embodiments, the enclosure can be made from a metallic material. For example, the iPhone 5S enclosure (#16) can be made from Aluminum, such as 6063 Aluminum. In other embodiments, however, the enclosure can be made from other suitable metals or alloys. According to additional features of the embodiment shown in FIG. 11, the enclosure includes opposing edges, identified individually as a first edge portion 30a and a second edge portion 30b, extending around a periphery of the body 11. In certain embodiments, one or both of the edge portions 30 can have a chamfered or beveled profile.


Apple credits Napthaneal Tan and Lucy Browning as the inventors of granted patent 9,061,358 which was originally filed in Q3 2012 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office.


Granted Patent Title: Hearing Aid Detection


Apple's newly granted patent covers their invention related to a portable audio device that detects the presence of a hearing aid and provides an output signal according to the presence or absence of the hearing aid.


Apple's granted patent FIG. 4 shows graphs of detected proximity data and detected magnetic field data versus time, as a hearing impaired user moves an audio device towards his ear.


3AF 55 - FIG. 4


Apple credits Shaohai Chen and Ching-Yu Tam as the inventors of granted patent 9,065,929 which was originally filed in Q3 2011 and published today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple was granted a related patent back in 2013 that covered a T-Coil solution.


The Remaining Patents granted to Apple Today


4AF - Apple's Remaining Granted Patents for June 23, 2015

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