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In late May we posted a report titled "Mixed Profits Picture from Galaxy S6 Suppliers Indicate that the new Smartphone isn't the hit that they were hoping for." The report from Korea was basing their disappointing review of the Galaxy S6 in light of sales of parts to Samsung.  Today, while there's still a debate about how the sales of the Galaxy S6 are really doing, the majority of analysts that are in the press weighing in on the matter say that the iPhone 6 is still looking like the winner for this quarter which is bad news for Samsung.  


A Korean news site today quotes Hana Daetoo Securities who recently adjusted its estimate downward from 50 million to 45 million units for the year. Research analyst Kim Rok-ho at Hana Daetoo Securities explained: "We have reduced our expectations, because the demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge has remained high since its debut in April, but that for the Galaxy S6 has somewhat declined."


LIG Investment & Securities research analyst Kang Bong-woo, added that ""With Apple's share in the high-end smartphone market having risen to 68 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, it seems that it won't be easy for the Galaxy S6 to dominate the market. The initial production volume of the Galaxy S6 was at around 1.5 million units a month, and Samsung Electronics is currently increasing it to approximately three million and, in view of component suppliers' production volumes, it cannot be said that consumers have a craze for the Galaxy S6."


That's right, no "crazy for the Galaxy S6," as opposed to the "iPhone Mania" that we reported on back in in Q4: "Samsung weeps as iPhone 6 Mania Rocks around the Globe." I guess we called it right because Samsung just can't get that "craze" going for their latest smartphones.


Also today we have The Wall Street Journal posting a report titled "Samsung's Galaxy S6 Struggles to keep up with Apple's iPhone 6" which is painting a realistic view of Samsung's sales as we know them while Reuters is trying to take the same stats from the same analyst report from "Counterpoint," and make it a little rosier for Samsung.


According to the Wall Street Journal, "In the three weeks after the launch of the Galaxy S6 and its curved-screen companion, the Galaxy S6 Edge, on April 10, Samsung has shipped 10 million devices to its distributors and retailers, with about six million of them sold to end users, according to Hong Kong-based Counterpoint.


That was enough to top global sales of last year's Galaxy S5 over the same period, the data tracker said, but not enough to match the April performance of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus." Ouch!


Counterpoint further noted that 'While the Galaxy S6 sales figures offer a measure of good news for Samsung, the increased sales come largely at the expense of other Samsung smartphones -- not Apple's." So there's still no stopping the iPhone 6's strong sales.


Reuters reading the same tea leaves a little more positively than the WSJ did, they still noted that "They were also the most popular smartphone models globally after arch-rival Apple Inc's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus." What a crazy way to present the fact that the S6 is losing to the iPhone 6.


And of course there's the Android whining factor to consider here. According to Counterpoint Research Director Peter Richardson, "The Samsung Galaxy S6 series has a chance to become the top selling smartphone overtaking Apple's iPhone 6 series, if production issues are solved."


Really, Samsung is going to use production problems as the only reason they're losing out to the iPhone 6? Ha! They didn't mention any of that whatsoever at launch time. Oh not, they were simply going to blow Apple's iPhone 6 away. And now that reality has set in, the excuses rise to the surface.


At the end of the day, although the Galaxy S6 copied as much of the iPhone 6 as they possibly could to blur the design line with consumers, they're still falling short in sales and it's really just that simple. So far, it's looking like another iPhone 6 quarter ruling the smartphone world. End of story.


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