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30A - Patent Application

On May 28, 2015, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a continuous patent application from Apple that updates their recent granted patent that we covered in February regarding flexible displays that have openings designed into the display. Signals associated with electronic components may pass through the openings. The signals may include acoustic signals, electromagnetic signals such as radio-frequency electromagnetic signals, and light. The displays may also be used in context with heads-up displays which are displays where users can see text and graphics on the display while being able to see through the display like a windshield.


2AF  -  display with openings


Like most continuous patents, it's all about updating what Apple wants to include in the invention that they didn't previously cover. Features that they recently discovered or think will add value to the original invention. Ideas and features that they want protected in the formal patent claims which are the heart of a patent when using it in court against a patent infringer.


Apple has added at least two new and distinct aspects to their invention revealed today. The first, although mentioned in the granted patent under "detailed description," didn't make it into Apple's patent claims. The first addition is that the display that would be used in connection with this invention would be an OLED display.


More specifically, Apple's new patent claim #1 now states the following: "A display, comprising: an array of organic light-emitting diode pixels; and a flexible polymer substrate having first and second opposing surfaces and at least one opening that passes from the first surface to the second surface, wherein the array of organic light-emitting diode pixels is formed on the first surface, and wherein the signals are transmitted through the opening from the first surface to the second surface towards an electronic component behind the flexible polymer substrate."


Another new entry is found in patent claim # 5: "The display defined in claim 1 wherein the at least one opening comprises an air-filled opening."


To review Apple's continuation patent click here.


A second display related patent application filed today generally relates to a touch sensor panel that can be switched between a mutual capacitance topology and a self-capacitance topology by re-using common components between the two architectures while at the same time minimizing parasitic noise caused by proximal electronics. For more on patent application 20150145802, click here.


A third display related patent application that was filed generally relates to touch sensing, and more particularly to reducing power consumption of a touch sensor panel. For more on patent application 20150145803, click here.


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