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30A - Patent Application


On May 14, 2015, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a "continuation patent" application from Apple that revealed a few tweaks to their recently granted patent that we reported on back in March relating to sidewall displays on a future iDevice like an iPhone.


In today's continuation patent regarding "Electronic Devices With Sidewall Displays," we once again see that the changes or tweaks to this patent are restricted to Apple's patent claims. These are claims covering new features and processes that Apple want's to further protect should they proceed with an iPhone with a sidewall display (or multiple displays).


Right out of the gate we notice that Apple has purposely added the term "curved flexible display" along with other supporting verbiage in Claim #1 as follows:


An electronic device having a front region and a side region, comprising: a curved flexible display layer having an array of display pixels; and a curved transparent cover layer that covers the curved flexible display layer on the front region and the side region, wherein the array of display pixels displays images through the curved transparent cover layer on the front region and the side region.



In the big picture, the patent claims are almost seen as a complete rewrite. To review all of the specific changes that Apple has made since receiving their granted patent, compare today's patent claims with the old ones. The emphasis is all about the "curved display."


Another continuation patent from Apple that the U.S. Patent Office published today (20150130741) titled "Removable Clip with User Interface," was covered by us back in January 2013 under the report title of "Apple Invents a Removable Device Clip with Glass Touchpad."


3af clip - glass trackpad

Once again it's the patent claims that change and nothing else. You can compare the new claims to the old ones to see what Apple specifically tweaked. The most notable changes include Apple now calling this device a "wearable electronic device" instead of "an apparatus." Secondly, the original patent named older connectors like a 30-pin connector and USB, Firewire and so forth, whereas their latest patent lists no such connectors. Review the full patent claims for more differences should this be a product of interest to you.


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