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Sol Gradman is a seasoned executive of high-technology companies. Gradman gained his rich managerial and global experience while living both in Israel and the US and working for multinationals such as IBM, Orbotech and ASP Computer Products. Gradman was speaking at ChipEx 2015, the largest annual event of the Israeli microelectronics industry, which was held last week. Gradman believes that the market shifting to the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is going to be a major game-changer that could become "a major growth engine," for the semiconductor sector.


Gradman noted that while you need software, UI, and a dozen other things to turn a dumb refrigerator into a smart one that connects to the Internet, none of it is going to matter unless the chips that go into that refrigerator can communicate, upload and download commands, and function for months or years without requiring a change of batteries.


Gradman further noted that the chip industry in Israel had been doing fine even before IoT came along. To make his point crystal clear for his audience, Gradman stated "Just ask Apple. They acquired Anobit and PrimeSense, two companies whose main activity was chip design, and hired hundreds of chip designers who were let go from other companies, like Texas Instruments."


He further noted that all this happened over just the past three years – before which Apple had no Israeli presence at all. Now Apple has more than 700 engineers in Israel, and is planning to hire more – "and all of them are working on chip design."


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Side Note: Gradman is the CEO of ASG Ltd. and specializes in turnaround processes of high-tech companies. He also serves as the Chairman of Israel's High Tech CEO Forum and the Chairman of the Israeli Semiconductor Club.




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