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Apple Watch Owners Beware: Don't Clean Your Watch's Cover Glass with Gritty Sandpaper



Last year the joker who runs Unboxed Therapy bent an iPhone 6 and basically claimed that it was rather easy to do. Was it a Samsung planted story – who knows? But Samsung recently used that sales pitch in their unveiling of the Galaxy S6 this year. Their marketing VP stated during her presentation that "the special metal that we use is 50% stronger than the metal in other high-end smartphones. My first language may not be engineering but I do know that this phone will not bend." Hmm, I wonder what she was referring to (ha!). Anyways, it turns out that under real-world testing that the Galaxy S6 with its magic metal that definitely "will not bend" actually bends faster than the iPhone 6. How did Joker Man on Unboxed Therapy miss that one - I'll never know.


Well, the joker who runs Unboxed Therapy is now trying another totally unrealistic-world test on Apple's new Apple Watch Sport. As our cover graphic shows, the Apple Watch Sport model, which uses a cover glass using an Ion-X process that Apple won a patent for, is only scratch resistant to a certain real-world point.


Funny man over at Unboxed Therapy scratch-tested the glass cover of the Apple Watch Sport first with a key and then a knife. Most people have keys, so that made sense. Testing it with a knife was stupid but the test result was fine. Then came the last tests that were completely off-the-wall.


Now, who carries sandpaper in their pocket on a daily basis? Come on, raise your hand. Anyone? Nnnno – of course not. But Funny Man thinks that this is going to be a real shocker to Apple Watch owners that if they use sandpaper to clean their watch's cover glass that it's going to scratch. What else is in your pocket that could be compared to gritty sandpaper? Sorry, I don't really know.


So to Apple Fans around the world, here's some really handy advice: Don't clean your new Apple Watch Sport with sandpaper that you have strewn throughout your home in lieu of Kleenex. I know, it'll be a very hard habit to brake, but you could do it. I have all the confidence in the world that you can do this. And while I'm in the mood for giving advice, don't put your Apple watch under a steam roller either.  


It's crazy: What will Funny Man think of next?


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