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Today Microsoft's South Korean Software unit released a statement that it will launch a new Windows-based sub-miniature PC in South Korea in late May. The testing unit is part of a broader drive to boost the presence of its operating platform with a more diverse lineup of connected devices. If it proves to be successful in Korea, it could quickly make its way States side within a year.


The Stick PC's internal storage will be like an iDevice offering configurations of 16GB or 32GB initially and will run a full version of Windows 8.1 just like a standard desktop or laptop. It could be available this fall with Windows 10. The Stick PC, manufactured by Daewoo, one of Microsoft's local device-making partners, comes in a black stick-type dongle that is 11cm-long (4.3 inches) and weighs 50 grams (1.8 ounces).


The idea is simple. The new Stick PC will be able to plug into a HDMI port on a TV set or any standalone display and turn it into a full PC with Windows. The user will be able to perform any tasks on their TV or display by using a Bluetooth-connected keyboard. They could work on documents, check email, connect to social services, watch a movie and any light task that you'd do on light notebook.  


The compact PC will be installed with Microsoft's cloud-based software Office 365, which removes the user from the need to save his or her work on the PC.


The Seoul unit did not give the exact price for the Stick PC, only to add that it will be sold for about $88.50 U.S. or about 100,000 won. The launch of the pocket-sized PC is the latest push by Microsoft to expand its ecosystem to the mobile and cloud-related realms through diversifying hardware lineups with its partners.


With its upcoming Windows 10 currently under development for an official release later this year, Microsoft's goal is to come up with one unified operating system for all Windows-based devices including PCs, tablets, laptops and smartphones.


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