Apple Granted 41 Patents today covering the Apple Watch Design, an Oleophobic Coating on Sapphire & More
Apple Watch will reportedly use a Mind Blowing 31 Million Millimeters of Two-Inch Sapphire Ingots in 2015

Apple Event Archives: Full 2015 Spring Forward Event Video

The full Apple Spring Forward event video presented to you above will be archived in our "Apple Event" archives for easy access and future references. The video covers Apple TV at the 9:02 mark; Research Kit at the 22:42 mark; The New MacBook at the 35.00 mark; Video with Jony Ive on the new MacBook at the  48:53 mark; Apple Watch at the 55:28 mark; Video with Jony Ive on the Apple Watch's advanced Aluminum at the 1:25:22 mark; and finally, the video with Jony on the Apple Watch's advanced Stainless Steel at the 1:28:30  mark.


126. PA2 - Apple Event




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