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We posted a report yesterday morning acknowledging that Samsung is likely to be first-to-market with wireless charging when they introduce their next generation Galaxy S6 smartphone in March. We also reminded our readers that Intel's Skylake this fall will be supporting wireless charging and connectivity. Today we posted a report on Patently Mobile about Google inventing an Apple-TV-like Set Top Box with its top surface acting as an inductive charging station.


Although that would be a convenient feature to have for Apple TV sitting in our living rooms, Apple's just too busy these days thinking about electric cars and other future products.


Then again Apple's CEO subtly pounded the table on the future of TV with Brian Williams back in January 2014 and then again last fall with Charlie Rose. So that "hobby" product will eventually move into the spotlight with leap-frog features well beyond inductive charging.


However, in the shorter run, it looks like this will be the year for Inductive Charging to finally make its way into the lives of many techies by means of newly supported smartphones and other supporting devices, computers and beyond. Google's Android could very well gain an early lead on this technological front though not for too long.


For more on Google's invention, see our full Patently Mobile report.


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