Taiwan's Handset Supply Chain is Abuzz Over Expected iPhone Sales in Q1
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to Look More iPhone-Like

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus Clobbered more than just Samsung in Q4


In December we posted a report titled "Xiaomi, the World's Fastest-Growing Smartphone Company, Earned Under 2% Profit Margin in 2013 - by Design." Xiaomi's philosophy to date has been very simple: sell hardware at cost, make money on services. For that Xiaomi has been getting a lot of buzz in the press of late. Yet with Apple's historic iPhone 6 sales and revenues in China this past quarter, Xiaomi didn't fare as well this holiday season, according to a new Taiwanese report. Selling a hot new smartphone at cost should have escalated Xiaomi's sales, not slow them down. So in China, it wasn't only that the iPhone 6 was hot, it was because the iPhone 6 Plus gave consumers what they really wanted: a larger display. And by doing so, Apple not only clobbered Samsung in the process but also Xiaomi as an added bonus.


A new Taiwanese report published today states that supply chain shipments for Xiaomi Technology's Mi4 were weaker-than-expected in the fourth quarter of 2014.


Orders to supply chains for the Mi4 throughout the quarter until February 2015 have lagged, which coupled with an expected slowdown in the overall handset industry during the first quarter of 2015 has left supply chains rather pessimistic about orders for the device.


Supply chain sources commented that China's handset market cooled down over the fourth quarter, which coupled with weak demand in emerging markets also influenced orders for the Mi4.


While the world was looking at Apple eating Samsung's lunch with their new Phablet known as the iPhone 6 Plus, not many fully realized that the shift to the larger 5.5 inch display also took away Xiaomi's advantage over previous iPhone models that only sported a 4 inch display last year.


Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is the best phablet on the market and sales in China proved this to be a fact against Samsung, Xiaomi and others. It was the ultimate killer device in the right market.


So while the Taiwanese press attempts to make excuses for the drop off in Xiaomi's latest phablet sales up to February 2015, reality is right in front of their faces and they fail to acknowledge it. So let me say this like Mr. Rogers would have to softly teach someone something: Can you say Apple iPhone 6 Plus? Yes, sure you can.


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