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Today the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published two of Apple's latest trademark filings for "WatchKit" which were originally filed on February 20. In addition, Apple filed for the same trademark in China with an added International Class specification. Apple's WatchKit is an SDK for developing Apple Watch apps. It is included in iOS 8.2 beta 3, iOS SDK 8.2 beta 3, and Xcode 6.2 beta 3.


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part for "WatchKit"


2af Apple Application In-Part - WatchKit


According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's documentation, Apple's first trademark application was officially filed under International Class 09. Apple's filing presented the following specific verbiage for this class as follows: "Computer software used in developing other software applications; application development software."


Apple's second trademark application was filed under International Class 42 which specifically covers the following: "Design and development of computer hardware and software; computer hardware and software consulting services; support and consultation services for developing computer systems, databases and applications; providing computer hardware or software information online "


WatchKit Specimens Provided to USPTO


Apple submitted several specimens showing the mark as used in commerce on or in connection with any item in the class of listed goods and/or services, consisting of screenshots of Apple's website where software is available for download.



The other specimens from Apple included webpage panels from their WatchKit web page.  


Apple also filed for this trademark in Hong Kong China today under application number 303310938. Apple filed it under International Classes 09 and 42 as above but added class 14 which covers the following:


"Horological and chronometric instruments; watches; clocks; timepieces; chronographs for use as timepieces; chronometers; watchstraps; watch bands; cases for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; parts for watches, clocks, and horological and chronometric instruments; jewelry."


130. PA - Bar - NoticeReaders are cautioned that the full text of any trademark application should be read in its entirety for further details. About Comments: Patently Apple reserves the right to post, dismiss or edit comments.




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