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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a line of upper mid-range Android-based tablet computers that were first introduced on in September 2010 at the IFA in Berlin. Four plus years after their introduction, they've finally broken the 10% share mark of North American web traffic, according to a new Chitika survey.



Samsung finally overtook Amazon's tablets this Christmas. So why has "web traffic" increased so magically for Samsung? What Chitika doesn't tell you in their latest report is that for Christmas, Samsung gave away "Galaxy Gifts" that offered three months of free Marvel Unlimited digital comic books, Netflix HD playback in key markets and Samsung's own magazine service called Paper Garden – and exclusive "My Library" content free from Google Play.


Hell, Apple should try that trick at Christmas too to put Apple's iPad web traffic to 99% in North America after the holiday season. So, as always, there's a trick behind every Samsung treat like a bad Halloween experience.


This is classic Samsung trickery that surprisingly Chitika fell for. Chitika notes in their report that "Samsung's 11.5% share represents the first time Chitika Insights has observed any tablet brand outside of Apple posting a double digit North American usage share.


Additionally, Samsung's 5.4 percentage point increase is the largest year-over-year share jump of any tablet brand since we began conducting these tablet studies back in 2012."  


Chitika tries to justify Samsung's largest leap in web traffic since 2012 by pointing to Samsung's deep tablet discounts and so forth. They do that because they can't figure out why there's a magical leap in Samsung's stats. Yet in the end, it's not really the heavy tablet discounts that spiked Samsung's stats but rather Samsung's generous give-away deal consisting of free web content that moved the web traffic needle. Free content will drive and temporarily spike web traffic. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.


When Samsung's freebie web content deal ends and people are forced to start paying for the content, magically Samsung's web traffic will fall back to their normal meaningless levels again. Ha, for a moment it actually looked like Samsung was doing something right for a change. What a crazy thought.


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