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Samsung's Galaxy S6 Rumored to be Packing Heavy Specs


Apple's iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus ran over Samsung's Galaxy and Galaxy Note products this past Christmas. And although Samsung will be focusing a lot of their energy on taking the smartphone war to China's Xiaomi in the year ahead, the upcoming Galaxy S6 is squarely aimed at striking back at the iPhone. The new Galaxy S6 is reportedly packing heavy specs as a counter attack against Apple's iPhone in the hopes of stopping their market share and profits from bleeding any further. 


According to a new Korean report published today, Samsung is preparing to bolster their new Galaxy S6 with 4GB of RAM, the first time for a mobile device.


Secondly, the Galaxy S6 will also sport a 64-bit processor, though whether Samsung will choose their in-house Exynos processor or the new Snapdragon 810 is still an open question.


Thirdly, the Galaxy S6 is reportedly ready to leap to a 20 megapixel rear side camera which the report claims is "unprecedented."


Fourthly, Samsung is going to introduce a new wireless charging method. We reported back in 2013 that Samsung was working on this technology based on magnetic resonance and did a follow-up report covering this technology titled "The Cordless Home is now in Reach with Magnetic Resonance."


Intel is also making this a priority for PC's in Q4 2015. Samsung introducing this on the Galaxy S6 would be most interesting as it would definitely push the entire industry to match this single feature.


And lastly, the report claims that the Galaxy S6 is going to be the most perfect flexible smartphone to date. It will expand upon their YOUM technology which was first introduced with their Galaxy Note Edge. This time around, both sides of the Galaxy phone will sport slanted smart edges to better balance its appearance.  


With Xiaomi pressuring Samsung in China and India, Samsung went on the war path introducing the Galaxy A7 last week. Their new smartphone line up is aggressively priced with higher specs. Both Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones now sport the iPhone 5S-like metal rim so it's going to be a real Android slugfest to see who wins in this next round of smartphone wars in China and beyond.


In the end, Samsung is out to really shake off the cobwebs of 2014 and take the battle to both Xiaomi with their new A7 smartphones and Apple with the new Galaxy S6. Whether their new strategy will make a dent in either camp is way too early to predict. However, with Xiaomi's loyal fan base in China exploding exponentially at the low to mid-range of the market and Apple having one of the most loyal fan bases on the planet at the high end of the market, I think Samsung would just be happy to stop the bleeding both in terms of market share and profits. That would be victory enough for 2015.


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