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Yesterday an Apple Pen rumor surfaced stating that Apple would be releasing their first digital pen as an accessory option for their upcoming larger iPad pro tablet. Today we've discovered that Samsung has invented a new kind of smartphone and electronic pen docking station that would allow it to act more like a Wacom tablet. The patent presents the idea of a user being able to have their smartphone-dock tap into the power of their PC. By doing so, the dock would be able to tap into the computers faster processor and graphics card making their smartphone double as a graphics digitizing tablet while connected. For those that could only afford one smart device, such as a smartphone, it's an interesing accessory that might be very appealing to some.


With Apple having so many digital pen patents on record, it would be great to finally see Apple provide their fans with a tool that Samsung, Microsoft and others have had for some time now. However, we noted last month that "The Apple Pen will have to Conquer Latency if it's to be a Winner." I'd rather see Apple delay a digital pen if it means overcoming latency issues. I tested out Microsoft's Surface 3 pen last month, and while it was the best digital pen I've seen so far, latency was still an issue, regardless of their marketing claims.


Yet with Samsung's latest invention, it makes me wonder if Apple might simply start with a digital pen for artists that doesn't have the same demands that a writing tool does.


Will Apple take off their gloves in 2015 to take on their competitors digital pens head on and take this tool to the next level? Only time will tell. For now you check out our Samsung patent report on their new smartphone and pen docking station invention here.


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