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Yesterday Microsoft introduced the new Surface Hub for enterprise collaboration and meetings during their Windows 10 event. Microsoft noted that their new Surface Hub, as noted in the video above, would introduce Skype for the enterprise, be able to manipulate 3D CAM files using multitouch, use their Surface pen to make annotations and mark-up materials on screen and more. In yesterday's presentation Microsoft introduced two features or apps called "Meetings" and "Brainstorming." As the New Year began, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published one of Microsoft's patent applications covering the basics of their new Surface Hub interactive display that our Patently Mobile IP blog discovered today. The patent filing shows us some new customized gestures that the Surface Hub may introduce along with a few other interesting facts. While I'm sure that there will be a number of future patent filings on this invention over time, for today, the timing of this initial patent application on the Surface Hub couldn't have come at a better time.



To learn more about Microsoft's Surface Hub patent application, click here.


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