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Last month we posted a report titled "Intel Event Showcased Three New Technologies for 2015 PC's" The report covered three distinct trends coming to PCs next year which includes the cable-less PC, 3D cameras and fingerprint ID to replace passwords to start your PC and beyond. Apple's Touch ID that has now been implemented on their latest iPhones and iPads is coming to future MacBooks too, according to one of Apple's patent filings. Today, however, it's Synaptics new SecurePad that takes the lead in bringing biometric ID to notebooks.


Today, Synaptics press release states that "Synaptics, a leading developer of human interface solutions, today announced the availability of SecurePad™, the latest Fast Identity Online (FIDO) ready authenticator to support the use of password-free security. Leveraging Synaptics' fingerprint ID technology, SecurePad is the first solution to be integrated directly into the TouchPad, delivering high level security without sacrificing any convenience for the consumer, while also eliminating the need for OEMs to implement duplicate hardware components, simplifying the supply chain and reducing manufacturing cost and complexity.


Synaptics SecurePad enables password-free security and login to any online service that supports the FIDO Unified Authentication Framework (UAF). Instead of creating passwords, end users complete a fingerprint authentication on the laptop to register a public/private key pair, unique to the laptop, the user account, and the online service."


While being the first to bring biometric ID to notebooks is always a headline catcher, it's the trend that matters more. With Intel making biometric ID a priority for PCs in 2015 and Synaptics getting the ball rolling today, we could likely expect to see Apple introducing Touch ID for MacBooks and other devices in the New Year.


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