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70. Statistics
Last month a report from market research firm Strategy Analytics noted that Samsung Electronics' smartphone market share in North America fell from 36.2 percent to 24.8 percent between the second and third quarters of this year, hitting a record low since the third quarter of 2012. Apple, meanwhile, increased its share by six percentage points to 33.9 percent. A separate report claimed that Apple was the world's number one smartphone vendor by revenue in Q3. Now a new report from Chitika is reporting that not only is Apple clobbering Samsung in North America for web traffic, they're also beating them handily in respect to App traffic/usage rates.


Apple's iOS has dominated Android in respect to smartphone and tablet web traffic in North America by a wide huge margin for years. It had to have been embarrassing for Google to see these stats every quarter, year in and year out. While Apple's iPhone outsells Samsung in North America, all Android smartphone vendors combined outsell the iPhone. So why is it that Apple's iPhone continues to score web-traffic figures that outpace all Android phones combined?


Evidently, iOS users are sharper, use more apps and surf the web more to stay informed and so forth. Bloomberg TV discussed this oddity back in October and it appears that iOS has become the platform for the Creative Class and that developers simply aim for iOS customers first and foremost.


Now Chitika has decided to up the game from web traffic only stats to a new mix of traffic stats which now includes "app traffic" as noted in the chart below. Even with that twist it doesn't help Samsung any. Chitika's latest stats covering the period Dec. 3 to Dec 9 show that iOS has won yet another battle. Apple's iOS App traffic was 50% higher than Samsung's. With Apple's iPhone scoring 33.9% market share, their app traffic is higher at 46% and their web traffic is at a whopping 52%!



Sometimes a graph is like a piece of art hanging in an upscale art gallery. You just want to stare at it and appreciate its simplicity.


Just when everyone thought that Samsung's smartphones and phablets were going to finally knock Apple off their perch in North America, iPhone 6 mania struck.


To make it all a little sweeter for us going into the holidays, Chitika has now provided us with yet another nail to hammer Samsung with. Apple is now the undisputed champ in app traffic in North America and remains the most profitable smartphone vendor on the planet at the same time. For Q3 2014, Apple beat Samsung with by a clear TKO.


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