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Apple Files for Apple Pay Trademark in Europe and Inadvertently Confirmed that Apple Pay is coming to Europe, India & Beyond

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Yesterday Apple's filing for a trademark for their Apple Pay logo surfaced at the European Patent Office. Apple also inadvertently revealed this past week in London that Apple Pay is being prepared to run in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part for "Apple Pay"


According to Apple's trademark filing for the words "Apple Pay," the trademark was filed under International Classes 9, 35, 36, 38 and 42. The most relevant classes 36 and 38 are noted below. For the curious who wish to view the other classes, being classes 9, 35 and 42, see out Mac Logo trademark report filed earlier today.


International Class 36: Financial services; financial transaction services; bill payment services; providing secure commercial transactions; debit and credit card services, electronic payment services.


International Class 38 In-Part: Telecommunications; communication and telecommunication services; communication by computer, computer intercommunication; telex, telegram and telephone services; facsimile, message collection and transmission services; transmission of data and of information by electronic means, computer, cable, radio, teleprinter, teleletter, electronic mail, telecopier, television, microwave, laser beam, communications satellite or electronic communication means; providing wireless telecommunications via electronic communications networks; electronic transmission of data and documentation via the Internet or other electronic communications networks – and more.


Apple claims priority via the Jamaican trademark filing 64975 filed on June 19, 2014.


Apple also filed for the Apple Pay logo trademark in Europe on Friday under application number 013592051 under international classes 9, 35, 36, 38 and 42.



Apple Inadvertently Confirmed Apple Pay coming to Europe, India and beyond


The UK's Guardian reported on Thursday that Apple had inadvertently confirmed that its mobile wallet and online payment system, Apple Pay, is coming to Europe by posting a job advertisement on its website.


The advertisement, which has now been taken down, stated that Apple was seeking a London-based intern to "drive out the roll-out" Apple Pay across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.


The advertisement read as follows:


"Apple Pay is a new and exciting area in Apple that is set to expand across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. Apple Pay will change the way consumers pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into their iPhone 6 or Apple Watch to pay in an easy, secure, and private way."


While that's interesting, without an actual release date listed, it's kind of useless information as Apple Pay will eventually be going global with their new digital wallet. Nonetheless it shows that Apple is pushing Apple Pay behind the scenes. Last week Apple added ten banks supporting Apple Pay.  


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