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New Enterprise Class Tablet-Hybrids: Going all the way back to May 2013 we've been covering the rumor of a larger iPad in the making. Over time the rumor about the iPad Pro has shifted from delivering a 12.9 to a 12.2 inch display. In every report that we've written on this new iPad model we've reminded everyone that Apple is likely to offer some form of keyboard option as we do once again in our graphic below. Both images come from Apple patent-pending inventions. HP has now entered the market with a new hybrid tablet PC that is out to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 aimed at the professional market. It's now available in 13.3" or 15" models with a soft cover detachable keyboard (or with a hard shell model like a notebook). The new entries from HP make us wonder even more as to what twists Apple could bring to their 2015 iPad Pro. 



The upcoming iPad Pro is bound to put some needed excitement back into Apple's iPad line-up. Apple will likely be aiming this new model for the enterprise to support the new Apple-IBM alliance. It's likely why Apple wanted the launch to be at a different time in the year than their traditional launch time for consumer iPads.


IBM just launched their new MobileFirst website and the iPad Pro is likely to showcase some new MobileFirst Apps right out of the gate. Apple could surprise us with the introduction of their new patent-pending enterprise class video conferencing app and more. It's definitely going to be one of the highlights of 2015 and something for professionals and university students to be looking forward to.


Then again, with HP emphasizing nice new Beats based side speakers on their 15" hybrid, you have to wonder if Apple could be thinking of introducing a similar feature for a new high-end consumer iPad to go along with an enterprise unit. It's getting exciting just talking about it. Hurry up, bring in the New Year already.  


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