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It's all about the Process: A week ago today we posted a snippet of Vanity Fair's editor Graydon Carter interviewing Jonathan Ive. In that initial clip we pointed out that Ive admired Steve Jobs for his incredible focus. Vanity Fair has now released the full 25 minute interview. The focus of the interview allows Ive to talk about his love of the design process with his team in Cupertino.


Jonathan Ive talked about how he loves the nature of the design process at Apple and believes that he's absurdly lucky to be part of a creative process where on one day they'll have no idea what or where they're going and the next meeting there's an idea. Invariably the idea is a thought that becomes a conversation.


Ive notes that a remarkable thing happens in the process, when we give form to an abstract idea. We draw and make lots of models. By having a model, Ive notes that there's a shift that's profound. It really galvanizes and provides a focus to an entire team.


2af Jony Ive - shocked and thrilled every time with a first model of a new design

As an example, Ive talked about the model being the iPhone 6. Ive states that there's just something very special when you have an object to touch, everything shifts. What shocks him is that he remains surprised and thrilled every time he gets to see that first model.


If you're a fan of industrial design, then grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a little time with Apple's Jony Ive. I think you'll enjoy it.


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