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A new Korean report published today was refreshingly honest and rather upbeat about Apple's iPhone 6 landing in Korean stores this Friday. The report noted that "The worldwide craze over the new iPhones will hit the South Korean market on Friday when the iPhone 6 and its variant the 6 Plus go on sale here. This time, the so-called iPhone effect will have a more significant impact on the Korean smartphone market than ever before."


Today's published report noted that "The first round of pre-orders was filled last Friday by the mobile carriers SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus in less than 30 minutes. It is estimated that the total number of pre-orders will reach at least 80,000 units ― 50,000 via KT and 20,000 via LG Uplus with the rest through SK Telecom ― surpassing the 30,000 units of Samsung Electronics' flagship Galaxy Note 4 pre-ordered here."


The report went on to make some rather startling remarks. "Though the battle has just begun, the latest figures are especially meaningful for Apple since the California-based firm has thrashed Samsung on its home turf.


Kim Young-chan, an analyst from Shinhan Investment wrote a wild prediction in a recent report to clients by saying the "iPhones will outsell the Galaxy Note 4 by tenfold, with 80 million units shipped worldwide in the October-December period." Two thumbs up for Kin Young-chan's exuberance.


Young-chanfurther added that "There are not many options for Samsung and LG to counter the iPhone 6 and low-budget Chinese smartphones except for cutting the prices of their products." The report further added that "Other market watchers also are expressing doubts about the performance of Korean tech giants."


While Apple's current market share is only 6% in Korea, the report stated that Korean market analysts are predicting that Apple could secure a record-high market share in Korea thanks to the 4.7-inch iPhone and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.


The report then quoted an unnamed industry official who stated that "It seems inevitable for Samsung and LG to be affected by Apple's new devices, which show off better integration between hardware and software and user experience than those of the local firms."


The report ended by stating that "When the new Apple devices arrive in Seoul, the front pages of local newspapers and online news sites will be once again be plastered with pictures of customers lining up ― with some even camping out ― in front of Apple shops and other retailers to get their hands on the devices."


Ah yes, iPhone 6 mania continues to sweep the globe. We said that Samsung would weep when seeing the public's reaction to the new iPhone 6 and now it's about to land on their doorstep. Will it be a blowout iPhone debut in korea this Friday that'll go down in the history books? While only time will tell - we'll be cheering them on all the way!


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