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During one of Re/Code's <code/mobile> event interviews, Walt Mossberg and Ina Fried interviewed Apple's VP of iPhone marketing Greg Joswiak. Fried gave Joswiak the scenario of Android being 19 out of 20 smartphones in a few years out and wondered if Apple cares about being marginalized. Joswiak said that Apple doesn't focus on market share but rather on customer experiences with their devices from the Mac to the iPhone and future iWatch.


Joswiak: "Our goal is to make the best products with the best experience. And we’re trying to make sure that we are delivering on that, and by and large we do. Our customer satisfaction rate is higher than anybody’s. We have no shortage of either developers or customers … maybe it is naïve, but we [believe] that if we make a better product and a better experience, that there will always be a healthy market for that. And a healthy market doesn’t mean we have to be market-share leader."


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