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70. Statistics
Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reports that their latest data covering just the first few days of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have shown a nice little pop for iOS smartphone market share in most major centers. The marketplace with the largest boost from iPhone 6 sales just might surprise you.


The report notes that iPhone 6 sales thus far are initially from existing iPhone owners. Their internal statistics show that 87% are from existing iPhone owners. Sunnebo notes that this isn't surprising, as consumers who already own Apple products tend to remain loyal and are keen to get their hands on new models.


Kantar's interactive smartphone OS chart shows us Apple's iPhone market share gains (all iPhones) for September, which only represents a fraction of the month's iPhone 6 gains. The total for all iPhone market share gains cover August to September 2014.


  • U.S + 2.5%
  • UK + 4.0%
  • Australia + 5.4%
  • Japan + 4.2%
  • France + 2.6%
  • Germany + 2.9%


October's iPhone market share gains should be more dramatic when a full 30 days' worth of statistics is made available. At that time we may also get a preliminary peek at iPhone stats in China. If the chart is updated in the coming weeks, we'll follow up with a new report.




The stats chart noted above is for September 2014 showing Apple's smartphone market share for iOS was 32.6% vs. 30.1% for August for a 2.5% market share gain.


A side note to Kantar: Canada was missed on your chart. Canada is a super-pro Apple iPhone market and your research team should have been smart enough to include it in their recent research. Just in case they're confused, it's the large country above the U.S. I can provide crayons for your staff if that will help any.  Cheers.


Kantar's Interactive Map


To use Kantar's interactive map, just click the X at the top right corner to first remove the instruction sheet. Then click on any green market target center to reveal its current smartphone OS statistical chart.



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