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Apple Patents Reveal Work on Liquid Metal, a New Dock with a Flexible Lightning Connector, Parallax Displays & More

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a series of patent application from Apple that reveals their continuing work on several interesting projects. In this patent application brief, we point you to Apple's work in regards to liquid metal, a new dock with a flexible connector and more.


Invention #1 New Dock with Flexible Lightning Connector


Today's patent application 20140307383 covers Apple's ongoing work on a new dock with a flexible lightning connector. Apple first revealed their work on this project back in March.



Invention #2 Liquid Metal Related Patent: Optimized Multi-Stage Inductive Melting of Amorphous Alloys


Apple's ongoing work with liquid metal has to be the most mysterious project Apple has ever worked on. They tell us in each patent application that they'll be able to use this material in future iDevices and wearable computers. And yet 99% of each of these patents is so deeply steeped in engineering lingo, it's close to impossible to understand what they're really up to. If you want to explore this invention further for yourself, then check out patent application 20140305932.



Apple's patent FIG. 4 shows us an exemplary melting apparatus for the Bulk Metal Glass (BMG) feedstock.


Inventions #3 & 4: Parallax Displays & Disambiguation of Touch Input Events


Apple's move to a Parallax display wasn't loved by all and in fact Apple had to provide users with a way to shut off the effect because many were getting sick viewing it, as in seasick. Apple continues to work on that project and you can visit their latest patent application here.


An oddball patent surfaced this morning. It appears that Apple is going out of their way for their displays to disregard raindrops falling on the display of an iDevice so that it's not interpreted as actual input. I guess there are some users that apparently like to work in the rain. Okay, maybe we just have some bored engineers at work here. Cook, get these guys working on something practical, will ya; Sheesh. For those dying to know all about this exciting invention see Apple's patent application



Apple's patent FIG. 5 illustrates an exemplary set of electrodes with a floating object such as a water drop proximate to both electrodes.


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