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A series of FCC documents have recently come to light illustrating Apple's iBeacon device and its testing ranges between 2402 MHz and 2480 MHz. The FCC documentation clearly notes that the focus is on Apple's iBeacon device and not any other kind of home device. Third party developers creating devices for Apple's HomeKit may decide to implement Apple's iBeacon technology/component into future devices.


Apple's Application for Certification: Apple iBeacon


On page 6 of Apple's application for certification regarding iBeacon, model number A1573, it's clear it's for an iBeacon, not any kind of Home Appliance. The first test presented on page 8 of the FCC document (noted at the bottom of our report) shows us that it was tested on a personal computer (not identified). In June we posted a report about Apple's TV possibly acting as a future digital hub. The testing of the iBeacon in context with a computer makes this possibility all the more real.


2AF July 13, 2014 - FCC describes Apple's iBeacon device on page 6 of 57

Below you'll see a photo illustrating the size of an iBeacon beside a cup of coffee to show you just how tiny iBeacons really are.



The FCC document below shows just how small the iBeacon Device really is. Measured in Millimeters the iBeacon is just as small as the example iBeacon is above.




The FCC's Apple iBeacon Application for Certification



The discovery of the FCC testing documents were first discovered by Securifi and covered by TUAW. To view other iBeacon related reports, see our iBeacon Archives.


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