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A crowd of nearly 600 was in the waiting line Saturday morning when Apple's new Store opened in Madrid Spain. It's the second largest Apple Store in Europe (after Kurfürstendamm in Berlin), and has a staff of 125 employees. Once again, Apple didn't just open a simple brick and mortar shop, they opened another architectural beauty restoring an old historic building which took them over four long years to complete.


The grand opening of Apple's latest retail store didn't just inaugurate another sales and service location for the company, but also presented a very expensive gift of history to the city of Madrid (Spain).


The new Puerta del Sol store opened Saturday morning inside a 14th-century site that overlooks the city's main plaza, the site of many gatherings, both friendly and violent. After signing a lease, it cost Apple millions to demolish, renovate and refurbish parts of the structure, as well as upgrade it to modern building standards. They were reportedly the only company with the money, expertise and motivation to bring back much of the building's original heritage and put it on display for the public.


Apple's determination became even more obvious when half-way through the four-year store project workers uncovered ancient ruins in the basement that cost thousands of dollars to protect and preserve. The video below is a report out of Spain for our Spanish speaking fans.




Below is Apple's CEO congratulating his new team in Madrid with a tweet as noted below.


2. Apple CEO Tweets his new team in Madrid Spain

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