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June 2014

Facebook Stepped Over the Line in Social Media Experiment

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Back in 2012 we reported on a surprising anti-Big Brother Surveillance patent that Apple was granted by the US Patent Office. At the time we noted that Apple's patent read like a science fiction novel borrowing from George Orwell's 1949 book titled "Nineteen Eighty-Four." It also had shades of the 1982 movie the "Blade Runner," where the Master Cloner invented a method of implanting false memories into clones so as to provide them with a confident self-image. Now leaping to last night's report from the Wall Street Journal we learn that a social-network furor has erupted over news that Facebook in 2012, conducted a massive psychological experiment on nearly 700,000 unwitting users. Society has all but accepted that governmental organizations and agencies like the NSA are capable of such deception and manipulation. Yet when we hear that Facebook, a somewhat respected social media pioneer has resorted to such tactics, we see abuse of power and privilege that's all for future monetary gain. There's absolutely no justification for this kind of study and it makes you wonder how many other tech companies are doing the very same thing under the guise of doing it for our benefit.

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Samsung VP Thinks Consumers No Longer Obsessed with Apple

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Yesterday at Samsung's Business Discovery Day in London, Jae Shin, VP of Samsung's Knox mobile security business group, was asked whether Samsung was worried about losing its early lead in the fledgling wearables market when Apple releases its long-rumoured iWatch. Shin argued that consumer are not so obsessed with brands anymore and now have the know-how and the resources to make a smart decision. Shin added that "Wearable devices don't need Apple's help to take off."

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Could Apple TV be one of Apple's hottest iDevices of the Year?

Earlier this week we posted a report titled "Bringing ABC's Live News to Apple TV is a Monumental Move." The timing of that news was a surprise though the idea of live-TV coming to Apple's iDevice wasn't. It was forecasted back in a 2006 patent application that was granted to them in 2012. Earlier this month at Apple's WWDC Craig Federighi pointed to several developments for gaming such as "Metal" that could now allow major gaming houses to release top games aimed for the PS4 and Xbox to come to Apple TV technically at the same time. Apple also introduced us to HomeKit during that same event and it's very possible that Apple could be thinking of integrating their new Home App right into Apple TV and finally bringing to market a true in-home digital hub that we've been waiting for. Is it a pipedream? Only time will tell.

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Apple Snags Lead Software Engineer from Atlas Wearables


Today Network World added a little more spark behind Apple's alleged "iWatch" device that may be released as early as this fall or sometime in 2015. Their report revealed that one of Apple's latest hires is Alex Hsieh – who was the Lead Software Engineer at Atlas Wearables. Alex is seen in the Atlas Wearables promotional video and in our last graphic set below. Alex was working on a next-generation fitness band which is due to launch sometime in the coming months. It was just a week ago that the Wall Street Journal claimed that their sources noted that Apple's mystery device could integrate no less than ten sensors. While today's revelation is rather small, it's still another piece of the "iWatch" puzzle that is slowly coming together.

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Samsung May Launch Next Smartphone with Side Flex Screen

According to a new Korean report published today, display industry sources have revealed that Samsung and LG Electronics are planning to roll out new smartphones with 5-inch flexible displays as early as this September. The more interesting of the two designs may be the one that Samsung is currently working on.

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Apple Reveals More on LED Keyboards & Multitouch Mac Displays

1. Cover - Apple patent for LED KEYBOARD & Multi-Touch displays for Macs
On June 26, 2014, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals the development of an LED based keyboard. Although last month's report titled "Apple Rethinks the Keyboard with Gesture Controls & In-Key Displays to Support Pictograms, Symbols and Glyphs" was far more detailed than todays – it still goes to show us that Apple is continuing their work on this front. This particular invention also points to multitouch displays might be coming to future Macs.


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Google's Keynote Video, Funny Statistics & other I/O Highlights


For those who want to know what Google is up to lately, we present you with the full Google I/O keynote in the video above. The keynote covers such matters as Android Wear, Android Auto (that will compete with Apple's CarPlay), Android TV, Chromecast (and new apps for Android and iOS), Google Play, Google Fit, and more. Our report also covers more of Google's funny statistics and a few notable highlights that drew the attention of the press at this year's Google I/O. 

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Google Intros Android One Smartphones for Emerging Markets

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Google's Sundar Pichai, senior vice president at Google, introduced their new Android One initiative at their annual Google I/O developer conference in California today. The new Android One hardware platform is designed primarily to assist OEM's who are selling entry level smartphones into emerging markets. Selling the next billion Android phones depends on this initiative taking flight.

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Google's Android Tablet Shipment vs Usage Theory Debatable

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There's been a lot of discussion in the Apple community over the years about how Google and specifically Samsung quote "shipments" vs usage or units sold. Well, Google presented a debatable theory about that very topic at Google I/O today that you might find interesting. I found it to be very entertaining.

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Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. Rules Warrantless Cell Phone Searches are Banned

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The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police cannot go snooping through people’s cell phones without a warrant, in a unanimous decision that amounts to a major statement in favor of privacy rights. Police agencies had argued that searching through the data on cell phones was no different than asking someone to turn out his pockets, but the justices rejected that, saying a cell phone is more fundamental. The ruling amounts to a 21st century update to legal understanding of privacy rights.

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Samsung CFO Admits Publicly that 2nd Quarter Isn't that Good

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Patently Apple has been consistently reporting on the myth that Samsung's S5 is a smash hit in various reports since April. Our most recent report posted last week was titled "Samsung's Galaxy S5 is Confirmed a Dud & May Hurt Financials." That particular report sent one Android fan known as "Evolved" into a spitting tirade. It's on record that that this fan tweeted us with this response: Why fucking post about Samsung on that Apple site? Biased liars. Stupid fucks!" Well, according to the Financial Times today, "Samsung Electronics has turned bearish on its second-quarter performance, with its chief financial officer saying he expects results to be "not that good" as rising competition stifles profit growth at the mobile division." I guess "Evolved" will now have to tweet Samsung's CFO and continue his rant.

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WiLAN Sues Apple Over 4G Technologies While Mocking Apple's Simple Inventions and Pointing to Steve Jobs Views of Stealing Ideas

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Canada's WiLAN has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple alleging that Apple infringes five of their patents. The patent infringement lawsuit concerns Apple's alleged use of WiLAN's 4G and LTE technologies found in most of Apple's products. Over 130 companies including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and BlackBerry license WiLAN's technology. WiLAN invented this technology, so this isn't a case brought on by a patent troll. WiLAN notes in their complaint that they met with Apple on June 16 to iron out an agreement. Three days later, on June 19, rather than provide dates for a meeting, Apple initiated litigation against WiLAN, a Declaratory Judgment, in the Northern District of California involving the five 4G patents asserted in this action in a clear attempt at gamesmanship to remove this matter from this Court. WiLAN lashes out at Apple in their complaint before the court mocking Apple's litigation with Samsung for simpleton inventions such as "curved shape of the corners of the icons used in its displays." They also made the point that Steve Jobs stated in a PBS
documentary entitled "Triumph of the Nerds," that "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Noting Apple's actions, this is obviously going to be a bitterly fought battle to the end. This Report was updated at 9:40 AM PST and again at 11:15 PST

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