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A new Korean business journal is reporting today that Samsung Electronics' move to roll out the Galaxy S5 Prime just two months after the introduction of the Galaxy S5 proves that the tech giant released its new flagship smartphone too hastily. In the interim, early adopters in North America are going to end up the big losers here by missing out on a vastly superior display. The rush to market so soon after the S5's release may also be interpreted that their new smartphone isn't selling as well as the hype would have us believe.


To show us Samsung's deceptive ways, the report states that "Samsung has been in denial about the existence and the release of the Galaxy S5 Prime. Samsung Mobile Business Chief Shin Jong-kyun flatly denied the speculation in March by saying, "We are not planning to release another premium model until this fall."


However, contrary to his remarks, mobile carriers at home and abroad are apparently ready for the sale of the handset. The new model was listed among the many devices supported by Olleh TV, an on-demand video service operated by KT, Korea's second-largest mobile carrier.


Experts point out that the tech firm's suspected introduction of the Galaxy S5 Prime in June is aimed at competing against rival companies. The new handset is rumored to have a high-resolution QHD display, along with upgraded features used in the Galaxy S5, including tri-band Carrier Aggregation (CA).


There were high hopes in the Android community that the Samsung S5 would deliver the much anticipated QHD display. When it didn't arrive, early adopters rushed to the S5 to be first with the new smartphone. Samsung's decision to now add the QHD with their new S5-Prime smartphone so closely after the S5's debut is bound to anger a lot of Samsung fans – and rightfully so.


Patently Apple reported on whispers of the S5 Prime in the making as far back as February when it was dubbed the F-Series smartphone


Some want to put a positive spin on this as being Samsung's pre-emptive strike to not lose its grip on the premium market prior to the launch of Apple's next iPhone. Yet magically with the surprise move on LG's part to have a QHD display ready for their new G3 smartphone launching at the end of the month, Samsung is out to match it even if it means screwing their own fan base. So much for being a Samsung smartphone early adopter: Ouch!



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