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US Patent Office Published 82 Apple Patent Applications Last Week

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Last Thursday the US Patent & Trademark Office published a series of 82 patent applications from Apple. While we only highlighted three of the patent applications (one, two and three) that were most interesting to the general Apple community, the fact remains that there were many other inventions that could appeal to many niche communities that have specialty skills. In this report we've compiled a list of 50 of the remaining 82 patent applications and their respective hyperlinks so that the curious explorer could find some of Apple's little hidden treasures that didn't get much attention last week. Enjoy the hunt.


Apple Invents Low Threshold Face Recognition for Presence System


In 2009 we posted a report regarding new presence technology titled "Apple Introduces Presence Detection for Notebooks, Desktops & TV." In 2011 Apple's work had progressed as we covered in a report titled "Apple Envisions Face & Presence Detection Security for iOS Devices."


Last week, Apple's patent application 20140112552 came to light which builds on their ongoing project regarding a new presence detection system.


2. Facial Recognition - Presence detection system - Apple


49 Other Patent Applications from Apple 


20140113466 Euro Power Plug

20140113463 Structures for Securing Printed Circuit Connectors

20140112583 Automatic Character Stem Stretching

20140112517 Microphone Features for Portable Devices



20140112511 Electronic Devices with Conductive Fabric Shield Wall

20140110045; Magnetic Property Retention (Re: MacBook Pro)


3 MacBook Magnetic Property Retention

20140111929 Enclosure Features for a MacBook Pro

20140110231 Slide Input Component Assemblies (iDevice Buttons)

20140109382 Methods for Securing Features to Housings



20140109397 Heated Folding of Seals in Battery Cells

20140112221 Discontinuous Reception Cycle Scaling in a Wireless Device

20140111933 Solid State Drive Features for a Portable Computer

20140112429 Low Voltage Register File Cell Structure

20140111516 Electronic Document Thinning (also Booking Thinning)


The system includes a content authoring and publishing application to author and publish electronic documents, a content distribution system to distribute electronic documents, and a set of user devices that include digital content viewing applications that are used to read the electronic documents.


4. Document Thinning Apple patent fig. 6

20140115508 Document Publishing Model

20140112730 Profile Cutter (methods for blending multiple surfaces of a device during a machining process

20140111953 Electronic Devices with Components Mounted to Touch Sensor Substrates

Apple's patent FIG. 4 below is a top view of an illustrative touch panel sensor which has a dielectric substrate such as dielectric substrate #80 which may be a layer of clear flexible polymer.


5. Apple patent fig. 4

20140112172 Load Estimation in 3GPP Networks

20140112077 SNR Estimation in Analog Memory Cells



20140112076 Soft Readout from Analog Memory Cells in Presence of Read Threshold Errors

20140111927 Trimless Glass Enclosure Interface

20140111926 Printed Circuit Board Features of a Portable Computer

20140112079 Controlling and Staggering Operations to Limit Current Spikes

20140111928 Grounding Features of a Portable Computing Device



20140112378 Robust Scalable and Adaptive Frequency Estimation and Frequency Tracking for Wireless Systems

20140111914 Track Pad Acoustic Features Related to Portable Computer

20140111684 Antenna Structures and Electrical Components with Grounding

20140111534 Media-Editing Application for Generating and Editing Shadows

20140111522 Optical Kerning for Multi-Character Sets



20140109379 Floating Fasteners

20140111496 Displays with Circuitry for Compensating Parasitic Coupling Effects

20140111465 Sensor-Based Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Detection

20140111436 Multi-Touch Sensor Patterns and Stack-Ups

20140110882 Molded Cable Structures



20140110792 PFET Polysilicon Layer with N-Type End Cap Electrical Shunt

20140110276 Ringed-Shaped Cover for the iPhone

20140115477 Multi-range selection in one or multiple media clips in a media authoring application

20140115471 Importing and Exporting Custom Metadata for a Media Asset

20140115470 User Interface for Audio Editing



20140115467 Creating Multiple Recommended Stations based on Purchase History (related patent 20140114808)

20140115452 Aligning a Symbol with a Character

20140115446 Content Control Tools for a Document Authoring Application (This is likely related to Apple's "Pages" and advancing its features.)

20140115449 Generating Sample Documents (iBooks related)

20140115435 Creating and Publishing Different Versions of Documents (iBooks)



20140115436 Annotation Migration (iBook Author related)

20140115447 Centering Mathematical Objects in Documents (This is likely related to Apple's iBook Author and could represent an update to their match related feature.).


6. Apple patent - math app fig. 12

20140115428 Proactively Refreshing Nonvolatile Memory

20140115352 Asynchronous Management of Access Requests to Control Power Consumption


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