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1. Cover Opening Day of Apple Store - Instanbul Turkey
On the fifth of April Apple opened their doors to their latest flagship Apple Store in Istanbul, Turkey with the typical opening door hoopla that's common around the globe. The day before the store opened we illustrated a twitter traffic map generated by iPhone users in Istanbul that was quite substantial. Today, the new gets better. Patently Apple was just contacted by a Turkish Company who has just completed one of the largest single day iBeacon deployments at Istanbul's ANKAmall. Boni advised us that they're planning to deploy more iBeacon systems in other shopping malls. In fact they're already working on new projects this year that could rack up another 4,000 iBeacons. While the technology will work with iPhones and Android phones, it's just a fact that more iPhone users in Turkey will be able to take advantage of this this new service immediately.


According to Boni, their new free program called "Walk&Win" is available to those in Istanbul today at Apple's App Store or Google Play. ANKAmall stated that Boni's "Walk&Win" application works harmoniously with Apple's Standard iBeacons in all of their 320 stores.


2AF - Boni App for the iPhone in Istanbul Turkey


Boni's "Walk&Win" application rewards shoppers while they are walking around the stores in the mall. The shoppers win different gifts provided by the brands in the mall simply by redeeming the Boni points collected while window shopping, no purchase required. In the mean time they are presented with several offers from the brands in the program.


Since Boni covers the whole of ANKAmall, shoppers are able to collect Boni points from any retailer spot. A shopper is rewarded according to their area of interests, for example while a group of shoppers are rewarded more from denim stores, another group of shoppers will be rewarded more from consumer electronics stores.


Boni indicated that they started working with 35% of the retailers in their reach. They are expecting more participation from retailers in relation to large coverage area of ANKAmall and stronger engagement provided by the beacons.




All of Boni's testing was done on Apple MacBook Pros.


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