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Samsung has raised objections to the video above being shown to the jury this coming week during the new Apple Samsung patent infringement case. Starting at the 2:58 point of the noted video from the Federal Judicial Center, US District Judge Jeremy Fogel states that "During the lifetime of the patent its disclosure may inspire new inventions (iPad is shown in video). And after it expires, the invention is free (original iPhone is shown in video) for anyone to use." The Apple products in the video are connected verbally and visually as "inspired inventions." Samsung's attorney's complained that "At a minimum, the video strongly suggests that Apple's products are innovative and patentable." Yes, you F$%&%#$g Ass$%&e, that's what the video is saying from on high! (Ha!)


Other points in the video that were objected to occurred at the 4:10, 4:35 and 11:22 marks of the video showing Apple products.


While I'm sure that many will understand Samsung's objection, it's an important video for the jury to see as it will help them understand the process that they're involved with. For more on this, see Daniel Dilger's report.


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