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The Chinese press is reporting today that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, was the honored guest at a technology forum held yesterday at the 751 D-Park gallery in Beijing's 798 Art Zone. The event, Geek Park 2014 Innovation Festival was jointly organized by the Geek Park online community, MINI China and Business Value magazine.


2. Wozniak at Chinese Festival on Apple's early days

During the forum, Wozniak talked with Zhang about Apple's early years and working with Steve Jobs. He also talked about the company's current product lineup and said he is not quite satisfied with the iPhone's battery life.


According to Zhang Peng, founder of Geek Park online community, this was the first time that Steve Wozniak visited Beijing. Prior to attending the event, Wozniak's first stop in China was visiting Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing's technology hub that is popularly known as China's Silicon Valley.


3. Woz at Beijing Event Jan 11, 2014

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