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Late yesterday, Judge Lucy Koh,
the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung patent cases in the Northern District of California, issued a summary judgment order which found Samsung's Android-based devices to infringe an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and declared a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid. 


2a. Judge Lucy Koh finds Samsung Patent to be Invalid


The patent the judge determined was infringed upon was so clear that there's no need to have the jury evaluate Samsung's denial of infringement is U.S. Patent 8,074,172 on a "method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations." It's an autocomplete feature that is rather important on devices that don't have physical keyboards).


3. Judge Lucy Koh finds Samsung infringed on Apples 8,074,172 patent

With Judge Koh concluding that Samsung infringed this autocomplete patent, it means that other Android device makers also have a problem. Google, who is currently involved with an anonymous reexamination request against the word recommendations patent, will clearly be unhappy about this finding by its own home court.


Judge Koh's Conclusion


Apple's motion for summary judgment of infringement of the '172 Patent and invalidity of the '757 Patent is GRANTED.


Apple's motion for summary judgment of infringement of the '647 Patent, infringement of the '414 Patent, and no invalidity of the '959 Patent is DENIED.


Samsung's motion for summary judgment is DENIED. The parties' administrative motions to seal documents related to their cross motions are GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. IT IS SO ORDERED.


Review the entire Summary Judgment Order below:




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