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In September we reported that "Apple's iOS adoption rate crossed the 51% mark in 7 days flat. Growth has continued through the following two months, with iOS 7 usage rates surpassing the 70% mark within North America. It's very likely that iOS 7 will continue to substantially outpace iOS 6 adoption which reached 83% close to six months following its release in September 2012.


To quantify iOS version distribution by Apple device, Chitika examined tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian iOS-based online ad impressions within the Chitika network generated between October 25 and November 18, 2013. The charts below spell out the breakdown of iOS adoption for the iPhone and iPad.


1 iPhone iOS Version Distribution

According to the report, iPhone users are slightly more likely to have updated to the latest OS version as compared to iPad users. Interestingly iOS 5- equipped iPad users still generate close to 9% of total North American iPad Web traffic. Chitika surmises that the slightly lower adoption rate of iOS 7 is likely least partially due to features like AirDrop not coming to the iPad 2 or 3, minimizing the incentive for users of those devices to upgrade.


3. iPad iOS Version Distribution

The latest analysis again underscores that iPhone users, and iPad users to a lesser extent, update at extremely high rates, acting as a distinctive selling point when it comes to attracting application and mobile Web developers to the platform.


While still-active legacy devices make it unlikely for iOS 7 adoption to substantially surpass the nearly 90% adoption rate of iOS 6, the latest operating system will likely reach that point in a much quicker timeframe than its forerunner.


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