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The Shanghai Intermediate People's Court announced on Monday that it has accepted Shanda Interactive Entertainment's case against Apple and a Fujian-based information and technology company for copyright infringement.


The Chinese report states that Shanda is claiming that a mobile game released by NetDragon Websoft Inc. had copied huge chunks from a famous online game it had developed. Shanda is seeking $1.65 million US compensation from the two companies.


Apple's role in this case is their facilitation of the infringement by selling versions of the alleged copied game titled "Nuzhanxuanyuan" for the iPad and iPhone in its App store. Shanda claims that its game had been running in China for 13 years. Shanda has also demanded that the two firms stop their copyright infringement immediately.


In November, Shanda Interactive found that the new mobile game was very similar to Shanda's Legend of Mir II (Chinese version), whose copyright was bought in 2001 from WeMade Entertainment Co Ltd, an online games developer and service provider based in South Korea.


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